Trickle Down or Trickle Through

CCC Constructing a Road

CCC Constructing a Road

If money is like water then it may be helpful to look at the economic stimulus package from an ecological point of view, since hydrology and ecology are so tightly linked.

There is a principle of living systems: it is not the absolute amount of a resource that determines health, but the speed at which the resource moves through the system. This is why our intestines meander. Food and water need to travel something like two miles to get through the few feet between our two ends. This allows our bodies to absorb the greatest amount of nutrients and water possible.

Healthy rivers and streams also meander. If a stream moves languidly, the water and nutrients it carries have a greater chance to nourish the landscape. And a well-nourished landscape creates a stable channel and storage system for the stream. (more…)

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