The Regenerative Community


Via Pamela, here is an interesting post over at Lynda Gratton’s Future of Work blog about the power of community. Gratton points to three networks and communities that she believes we all as individuals will need to tap into and be sourced from in the future.

Gratton’s post reminds me of a frequent conversation that surfaces over here at Regenesis–namely, what it is that organizes or bounds a community. Virtual communities may organize themselves by an idea, a trend, or an exchange of services. In other words, virtual communties are driven and bounded by human forces. Physical human communities, however, are organized by something much larger than just human drives and desires. They are shaped and influenced by the forces, resources, and limitations of an evolving place. As physical human communities work to become regenerative communities, then, they must work to integrate the drivers of human progress with the forces that drive the evolution of the natural environment that surrounds them.

As we all seek to form and strengthen the bonds of community in our lives, I feel that it is important to differentiate between our physical community and our virtual community. Gratton sums it up well:

…whilst the virtual will naturally evolve faster than a wink of the eye, the physical will also have to evolve – and this time we cannot expect technologists to take the lead.

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