Seeing Problems as Opportunities


Recently, I was asked to speak at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City for a Sustainable Design and Construction series being offered as a diploma course. I wanted to illustrate the benefits achieved by performing a whole-systems site assessment for development clients—a service we call Integral Assessment. When conducting an Integral Assessment of place, we seek to understand the way a place functions, its current state of health, and the existing constraints it poses to the aspirations of the project. Underlying this process of analysis is the philosophy that the study of a site’s constraints will offer insight into their reconciliation—or, that many problems can be seen as opportunities or solutions.   (more…)

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  1. David Leventhal

    11 years ago


    Thank you for the wonderful write up. Playa Viva invited in the INAH and they gave us their report on the importance of the site as well as recommended that we look at purchasing a parcel of land adjecent to us that included a pyramid ceremonial structure. With the recent uncovering of the large ball court at Soledad de Maciel (, the archeological importance of nearby sites like Xuluchuyan (or Yolochiuan) have increased in importance.

    The saga actually continues. We recently discovered that SCT is planning to build a road to bypass Juluchuca as part of a major renovation of the coastal highway. The plans have the road crossing right in the middle of the archeological site at Playa Viva. We will have to work diligently to make sure that the work progresses without disturbing this important historical site.

    In closing I’d like to add that working with you and Regenesis was an eye opening experience and your work set the tone for the rest of the development project.

    Thank you,

    David and the rest of the Playa Viva Team.

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