Regenerative Education: Beyond Sustainable


Trends in education come and go. There is motivation, hype, and even money to institute certain practices because a “they” believe it is the best way to educate our youth.

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks

Photo Credit: NASA

Sustainable education is getting the same rap–it is being seen as a trend. “Going green” and “stimulus package” are the current buzz phrases in education circles. What concerns me is that many people don’t understand the depth of sustainable education, and as a result sustainability might go out of fashion like other trends.

This “trend” is too important to let pass by. “Sustainable” is not a way to educate–it is a way to live. In the early 1900’s the industrial revolution began changing the way we lived and educated. This sustainability revolution needs to have the same impact.

I propose at least three different levels of sustainable education. I believe that if we do not work at all three levels, the sustainable education movement will be just another passing fad.


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  1. Christina

    10 years ago

    This is a great, accessible description Ashley. Thanks!

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