“Essence” is the standard English translation of Aristotle’s curious phrase “to ti ên einai,” literally “the what it was to be” for a thing.  This idea of essence is central to regenerative work.  In the context of Regenerative Education essence is active or unfolding.  It is the divine aspect, unfolding from within, that sources a person. dandelion

Photo Credit: Joe Tordiff

Quantum physicist David Bohm discussed the importance of the unfolding of “essence,” which he believed moved physics away from its focus on Cartesian coordinates. Instead, Bohm proposed that physics needed to understand the workings of the implicate order (the underlying patterns from which the manifest or explicate world arises.) (more…)

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  1. Larry Glover

    10 years ago

    What a beautiful post! I love this flow from Aristotle and ‘essence’ to David Bohm’s work, then integrating Carl Rogers and Maslow with a return to regenerative education and the unfolding of students’ essences….

    I suggest an additional frame is E.O. Wilson’s ‘biophilia,’ the love of life. It is within all life to ‘reach’ for its own unfolding and fulfillment. Regenerative education nurtures that unfoldment… while the very process of ‘domestication’ too often interferes with the innate ‘biotrophism’ necessary to actualization — even turning Life against itself.

    Thanks for holding this space for transformational intelligence!

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